Mamelodi for a Month. Curated pictures & timeline of their experience

I realised this was a deeper issue when I got embroiled recently in a bit of a Twitter battle with a guy running the @CurateZAR account. When talking about what Julian and Ena are doing (for context: read the previous post), I became the target of some mild to serious irritation.

Don't patronise us. Stay in your white suburbs. You just don't get it. SMFH.

I had to Google the last one. "Shaking my fucking head". I'd link to the tweets but Twitter won't let me go back that far.

And then I realised I probably had more context than some people out there. I know Julian and Ena, have known them for a while. Know what kind of people they are. And know that being patronising was the last thing on their mind. But others don't have that context. To some, this is a publicity stunt by a wealthy white family who are "slumming it" for a month.

Whatever you may believe, I think this is a powerful story. I think popping the bubbles we live in is extremely important. South Africa is a First and Third World country. Yet the two rarely mix.

For my part, I chipped in some battery packs, am taking the wife and kids to a chisa nyama (sp?) this weekend - and I've put together this... A highlights package of sorts for the experience. I'll update it for the last 10 days of August.

Enjoy this story. Talk about it. By talking about it, we can become better in so many ways.

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