Mamelodi for a Month

UPDATE: Curated timeline including pictures, tweets and videos of Julian, Ena, Julia & Jessica's Mamelodi for a Month experience.

Sometimes, you hear about something so ridiculous that it's customary to expel a "whaaat?" response. And then you think about it. And then it just sounds logical. And inspirational.

And sometimes, you're lucky enough that the people coming up with the crazy ideas are your mates.

"Whaaat?" was my response when Julian and Ena Hewitt first let me know about their plans to uproot their suncream-mandatory white family from their beautiful farm style property in Pretoria and move into a shack in Mamelodi for a month, neighbours to their domestic helper. Oh, it doesn't end there. They were also going to try and live on the average household income for a black South African family - around R5000/m all in.

But then I thought about it a bit and I realised that a campaign/experience like this is EXACTLY what South Africans need to see, watch and read about. We've come a long way as a country, but like it or not, many of us still live in a 1st World bubble, oblivious to whether the progress we feel has made it's way down the LSM groups.

Julian and Ena are going to find out.

I think it's an incredible thing to do. Not going to lie, I'd love to do it. I'd probably be too scared to bring my young kids. Why? Don't know. Perception. My own 1st World Bubble? But I'd love to do it. Expect a visit Jules & Ena!

Watch the story unfold. And here's a plea from me to you. SPREAD IT. Stories like this need to shine. Like their Facebook page. Follow them on Twitter. Read their blog.

Taking just a quick peek at their latest post, you can see how amazing this journey is shaping up to be. A world of difference, in 2 simple Google Earth shots.

Julian and Ena's place in Pretoria. Pretty swanky. Lots of space.

Mamelodi, Pretoria. Somewhere in there... Home for August.


  1. wooooow!what u guys r doing its sooo! Nice, maybe nw many minds sets of many wll change for the better n would lv to see more of wht u r doing hppng.


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