ZA Tech Show Episode 245 - Time is Relative

In a bumper episode of the ZA Tech Show (1 hour and 24 minutes to be exact), Brett Haggard gets together with Real Time Wine’s Andy Hadfield and Connect Magazine’s Adam Oxford to discuss the past week’s tech news. Topics on the agenda include:
  • E-commerce heading on over to Twitter;
  • What would make for an awesome next-generation gaming console;
  • Where Valve thinks gaming market is headed over the next few years;
  • The ‘BMW Genius’ initiative;
  • for iOS (we’re still waiting for our invite #justsaying);
  • The sellout of the MS Surface Pro and Blackberry Z10; and the fact that
  • Ubuntu Phone Edition is coming soon.

Our technology picks of the week are:
  • Andy Hadfield picks Google Groups and picks-on Rwanda (or more specifically, the Rwandan domain registrar);
  • Adam Oxford picks MOOCS (Massively Open Online Courses) and; and
  • Brett Haggard picks Adobe Creative Cloud.

Our listeners pick:
  • Alicia Keys’ tweet from her iPhone (she’s Blackberry’s worldwide creative director remember);
  • The Google Nexus 4 charging orb (just google it); and
  • Stephen Fry at iTunes Live Festival 2009.
Click through to grab the audio version!


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