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ZA Tech Show Episode 231 - Whine About the Wet Spot

Brett Haggard, Andy Hadfield and Dominic White congregate for episode 231 of the ZA Tech Show to discuss:
  • The launch of Windows 8 some corporate levers for BYOD and how it measures up security-wise.
  • Reuters, Gizmodo slam the Surface and WinRT.
  • Security around Windows 8.
  • General password and security tips.
  • Google’s device launch: Samsung Nexus 10 Tab, LG Nexus 4 Smartphone with wireless charging.
  • ICS finally makes it onto Motorola Razr in South Africa.
  • Steve Jobs’ yacht launches.
  • Windows Phone event – 120k apps.
  • Apple announcements, price drop on 3rd Gen iPad.
  • Facebook’s paid-for post promotion mechanism.
  • Anonymous threatens Zynga.
Our technology picks of the week:
  • Andy Hadfield picks funny WiFi networks, and
  • Dominic White picks, totalspaces and totalterminal.
  • Brett Haggard picks Vodacom LTE service and Joss Whedon’s Youtube on Mitt Romney.
Grab the full audio version of the podcast here.


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