ZA Tech Show Episode 228 - Turning the Corner

Brett Haggard hosts Real Time Wine’s head wino Andy Hadfield and Shop and Ship’s know-it-all David Greenway in this week’s episode. Amongst other serious ramblings, they talk about:

  • SpaceX sending cargo to Space. Kinda.
  • The one year anniversary of Steve Jobs’ death.
  • The Foxconn staff walkout, and possible iPhone 5 shortage.
  • The opening of the Sony Mobile Store at Vodaworld.
  • What RAGE was like over the weekend.
  • Windows 8 and the abolishing of MS points.
  • You can pay for Facebook post promotion.
  • HTC missing its Q3 targets.
  • Rumours that LG might do the next Nexus phone.

Our technology picks of the week:

@AndyHadfield: Google news real time coverage
@DaveGreenway: Google Now and Star Wars Angry Birds, coming November 8th.
@Brettski: and Guitar Tuner Built into GarageBand.

Download the full audio for the podcast here!


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