Best steak restaurant in Johannesburg [crowdsourced]

Hand picked human results for "best steak restaurant in johannesburg"!

From time to time, I use my awesome (thank you guys and gals) Twitter and Facebook communities to crowdsource information. There are certain questions which Google just can't answer these days. These lists are useful, so I think they deserve a place on the blog. I'll keep them updated where necessary, but enjoy.

Best Steak Restaurant in Johannesburg (in order of votes from most to least)
  • Turn n Tender
  • Grillhouse Rosebank
  • Butcher Shop Mandela Square
  • Local Grill
  • Wombles
  • Attic
  • Meat Company
  • Pigalle Sandton
  • Baron on Main
  • Bellinis
  • BullRun
  • Karoo Cattle and Land
  • Botega


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