No Regret Friday. Campaign with a cause.

Nice campaign from Mel Attree and the crew - SAB and Goodfellas present No Regret Friday. Of course, designed to get you to think before you drink before you drive. I've certainly been giving this a lot of thought since the sproglet was born.

Goodfellas is that drive-you-home-in-your-own-car service - it costs about R200 or so to get home from Sandton to Fourways (for instance, roughly 12km journey). That sounds quite pricey - but it's certainly cheaper than taking a taxi both ways.

It's just not worth it, chaps. We keep telling ourselves as we grow up that "we'll be fine", "we'll take back roads" - etc etc. And come to think of it, I've personally NEVER been pulled over in a roadblock. That's the reason we think like we do - there's a good chance people will get away with it. Saffers can be such bloody-minded and dangerous drunk drivers.

But what if you don't get away with it.

Bribe. OK, cool. Congrats on keeping the country honest.

But what if you hit that one honest cop.

Ah, so many people have sprouted drink-and-drive rhetoric, I'm sure everyone's bored of it by now. I don't want to preach. Just go have a look at the campaign. 3 main campaign elements that I can see...

  • #NoRegretFriday hash tag on Twitter, hopefully to generate some buzz everytime those end-of-week Baron binges come around :)
  • The pledge (nice execution, easy to do, go pledge - I know there's an argument that voting with your mouse doesn't necessarily mean people actually change behaviour, but it's a nice show)
  • Share your story (mmm, not 100% sure about this one - shock tactics never really work as a communications medium, especially in a society like ours. We're pretty numb to most shocking things - sad, I know).

Cool campaign. Cool partnership with a cool service (GoodFellas). Go check it out...


  1. Thanks Andy, it's going well and people are pretty keen to share their stories... the idea was that these things are being discussed around dinner tables anyway, so why not facilitate a conversation online. SAB are also keen for people to share their stories about the good choices they've made, so how making a smart choice had an impact on their life.

    Thanks to the very clever team at Black River FC for the No Regret Friday campaign lead....

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  3. Australia and the UK use shock tactics to change the publics perceptions abt Drink Driving - and their death rates have gone down dramatically(OK also with very sharp/constant Policing too!)
    South Africans Against Drunk Driving started after Chas from PLUSH was killed by a drunk driver in 2005. Instead of crying/moaning we can all work together to change the mindsets of arrogant and irresponsible drinkers who then drive.Well done to SAB and Goodfellas. This is a great campaign- showing the faces/pain behind the statistics. Caro Smit.


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