MindBullet: Facebook Time-Shares Human Brains (18 May 2017)

MindBullets are a fantastic series of content from the FutureWorld group. Essentially they're news articles written from the future, showing us examples of just how quickly our world is changing, and where it might take us. Explore further MindBullets here or read more about the FutureWorld Group.

This week we look at a fantastic scenario. It's all about the power of building platforms - not services, but platforms that other people leverage services off. That's the thing with Facebook. That's the thing that has Google so worried. They're a platform with one of the largest captive audiences we've ever seen.

So the space to watch is not what people are doing ON Facebook, but what people are doing WITH Facebook. 

So how about this one. Crazy? Or not so crazy? You can already outsource your PS3 to solve maths problems at universities around the world. You can already donate your computing power to earn yourselves some BitCoins (new virtual P2P currency - worth checking out if you haven't already). So why not outsource your brain in a few years time?


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