MindBullet: Advertising dies a sudden death (2 April 2020)

MindBullets are a fantastic series of content from the FutureWorld group. Essentially they're news articles written from the future, showing us examples of just how quickly our world is changing, and where it might take us. Explore further MindBullets here or read more about the FutureWorld Group.

This week we look at the age-old argument of traditional advertising, and when consumers are going to pull the plug. Personally, I think this is going to happen sooner that 2020 in First World countries - where the marketing noise is the loudest. It's like Faith Popcorn's "Cocooning" scenario, just with brands not economic conditions!

Some of the inspiration for this comes from a fascinating Morgan Spurlock TED Talk about the "Transparency of Brands" where he shows Sao Paolo with all billboards switched off. No kidding.

Marketing is changing. And while we're charging forward into the engagement age with a broadcast mentality, we'll learn our lesson soon enough. I think I said this to a client the other day: it's not just about being relevant, it's about being relevant when relevance is required. Consumers will seek you out, not the other way round.

Tell that to a direct insurance company and they'll laugh at you. And in South Africa, at the moment, they're probably right. The future is going to happen when we want it to though. Better be ready...


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