Social CRM and the African SAP Users Group

Couple of weeks back, I was privileged to be invited to host/facilitate 2 sessions on the intersection between CRM and Social Media with the African SAP Users Group in Cape Town and Johannesburg.

Call it what you will (CRM 2.0 seems to be the vomit word of choice) - it's that really interesting debate about customer service, customer relationship, customer management and my new favourite word, emotional data. The stuff we need to store so that social interactions with customers aren't just once off sparks.

Three things were interesting about this project.

Firstly, meeting a big cross-section of SAP's customers (including the City of Cape Town - who seem to be doing some pretty cool ERP/CRM stuff) and having this fairly esoteric, yet crucial debate about the future of CRM.

Secondly, the World Cafe facilitation style/model (more info included below) works REALLY well. Emphasis on the mood/vibe of the room. Lots of coffee shop style tables, people seated round them. No breaks - you get up and get food/coffee whenever you like. And a strong bias towards group conversation post some kind of content being presented. I like it. I want to use it again!

Finally, we used Storify (like for the Cell C event) to cover and record the debate. Well, more like SAP's digital star-on-the-rise Manti Grobler used Storify to cover the event. She did a damn good job too.

I love Storify. It has this wonderful way of being able to capture the essence of an event, without drowning you in the rubbish usually associated with following blog reports or Twitter hash tags.

If you and your business have anything to do with customers (a bit duh, but on purpose), then you'll find this content fascinating. Remember to click "read more" at the bottom to keep going with the content.

Thank you AFSUG (they're on Twitter - follow them up here) and Manti. These workshops were a lot of fun.

Coverage, pictures, tweets, presentations, Prezi's and more:


  1. I'm quite interested in the growing trend of content curation. This is what Storify enables. But thinking about our Cafe CRM conversation - the complex relationship between the customer, extended public and the company - isn't CRM also a form of curation that can be enriched with emotional data delivered through social?

    I agree with the value of the knowledge cafe. It allows for internalisation of the shared experience. How else would we have realised Facebook is just one big braai and something like emotional data exist?

    Thank you, Andy. You took to the Cafe format as a fish to water. Great experience to work with you.

  2. My pleasure Manti! And I share the same fascination with curation. Curation is a form of gatekeeping, of filtering information. And God knows we need better filters with the volume of info that's out there!


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