Another project launched... Extreme Potjie!

Quick note on another hobby project I launched yesterday. It's along the same lines as the "monetise your hobby" approach of Real Time Wine. Except this really is a hobby. Do what you love, love what you do - fairly boring repetitions of self help manuals around the world - but quite fun when you've got the time and space.

Aw man. I just googled "monetize your hobby" and was met with a flood of get rich quick rubbish. I guess that's where humanities compass is at eh? :) 

So screw it. Let's say that Extreme Potjie is more of an open experiement.

Here's some interesting things about the project:

  • Like the pilot for Real Time Wine, it's built on Posterous. Bloody amazing what a bit of CSS and design can do ontop of free platforms.
  • Like the design? I do. Check out Harukami.
  • The site aims to take advantage of Posterous' post-by-email and nifty media management functions (email it photos, videos, PDF's etc and it handles and reformats pretty well). In fact, it encourages EVERYONE to post. I think the Internet is moving away from the I-publish-to-you-all model (blogs) and closer to the We-publish-to-us approach. 
  • Allowing anyone to post (while a moderation headache) really gives people a reason to buy into the site. Buy in is good.
  • It'll be an interesting experiment in slow-post content. Hell, you can't have a potjie everyday can you? I wonder how much Google will penalise you from an SEO point of view for NOT posting everyday. At least the posts won't be rubbish. We hope!
  • I wonder what will happen if the site gains a bit of traction (just Google juice is delivering about 1000 uniques a month already) and the brands we've used in the header catch on? We love 'em - so hopefully they'll get creative!
  • And finally, we plan to get a little more extreme with the potjie. Both ingredients and locations!

Enjoy. While some may call it a stew, I call potjie-culture a little piece of South Africa!

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