TED Tuesdays: Corey Doctorow - Privacy and what to do about it...

Every Tuesday (well, almost every Tuesday), I force myself to block an hour out of the diary and watch a TED video. Keeps the strategic brain humming. And it's good business soul food. I'll share, if you will...

Privacy is probably the most critical theme of our times. And we're completely ignoring it.

Just think back 6 years, before FaceBook and other digital sharing mechanisms became "mainstream" in South Africa. A friend was an actual FRIEND. We organised parties by email, not in front of our entire social graph. Our kids pictures were shown to family, not to the world via Twitter.

Any we're blissfully unaware of where this is all going, and if there are any consequences to our actions.

This is a must watch video. Corey Doctorow pushes the limits, being an activist. But his message is sound. The action and the potential negative consequences of not worrying about privacy, are far too removed from each other. If we're doing damage, it's going to hit us in 5, 10 years time. Which is why we need to think about privacy NOW.

If you're interested, I also cover this topic in one of my keynotes/talks. An early draft of Future Kids / Future Customers can be found here.


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