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I don't often use this blog for shameless self promotion... Ah crap. Who am I kidding. Of course I do. But this, dear Readers, is a worthy bit of promotion. Together with Lisa Moretti and the FutureWorld Group, I'm putting together a series of social media masterclasses. Practical, humorous and tangible introduction to social media. From it's definition, to it's implication and application - there is going to be some great content.

If you're interested in booking, drop me a line on andy at onebigwidget dot com and we can chat.

Please note: Lisa is flying down for 1 week only in May. She's pretty damn impressive. Trust me.

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Here's the official invite from the FutureWorld CEO's:

You've heard the hype - now here's a once-off opportunity to unpack the real value (and the risks) of unleashing the social media storm into your business.

For one week only in South Africa, from Monday 09 May 2010, FutureWorld brings together our newest gurus: two of the hottest young practitioners and experts on social media, in a powerful and practical half-day interactive workshop on Business and Social Media.

From London, Lisa Moretti, who has just joined the FutureWorld network to rave reviews from our clients. She has executed digital strategies for more than 20 global brands including Proctor & Gamble, Pizza Hut, UK Film Council, Standard Bank, Europcar, Vodafone, MTN and other international brands, and headed up the social media, web and content strategy for IKEA Family Live - the world's biggest customer magazine.

From Johannesburg, Andy Hadfield, a "digital native", who brings deep local insight into the Internet and social media and their impact on business. Andy has worked in every corner of the digital industry in SA, across industries from finance to professional services, construction and media, and understands the hard bottom-line realities of business.

(Visit and click on "gurus" for detailed biographies of these two exciting young presenters and strategists.)

What will this half-day workshop cover?
  • The facts - social media globally and in SA
  • The new marketspace - how to reach and move your next generation of customers.
  • Using social media as a professional business tool to win customers and sales, streamline operations and build brand eminence.
  • The dark side - when social media turns against companies!
  • Online reputation management
  • Real-life case studies
  • Interactive masterclass: your business and the social media opportunity.
There are only FIVE half-day slots available in the week of Monday 09 May to Friday 13 May 2011. Each workshop costs R50,000, excluding VAT. Simply reply to this email for more information or to make your booking.


Wolfgang Grulke, Neil Jacobsohn and Anton Musgrave

FutureWorld - the Global Business and Technology Think Tank

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  1. R50,000 for a half-day workshop? One too many zeros I suspect!

  2. Not sure I agree. For 2 "experts" with the between 8 and 12 years experience in digital. Prepared, customised content and the corporates ability to fill a room of people - actually works out pretty affordable.


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