MindBullet: Pharmaceutical industry slumps. Insulin irrelevant (1 August 2016)

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This week, we see the pharmaceutical industry's most profitable segment become entirely irrelevant. It's something we often ignore in the tech sector - genetics, bio-tech, nano-tech. Our ability to switch on / switch off parts of the human system is going to play a frighteningly influential role on our future.

You know, sometimes I think we're a little too obsessed with our present. It's the operational way of attacking business and the world. We worry about social media, technology, communications, sales targets - because that's what makes our daily world tick. And that's what pays the salary at the end of the day. But the real step changes that our going to change the companies that pay that salary in the first place aren't going to come from the present. They're going to come from the future - and when they do, we're going to get a smack on the chops.

Fascinating stuff.

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