TED Tuesdays: Deb Roy - The birth of a word...

One of the most rewarding cultures (well, for me at the very least!) that I started at FNB was Tech Tuesdays. Every Tuesday, we'd force ourselves to give up 2 hours in the calendar to watch new TED videos and debate their relevance to the world of business. I miss that culture... and will attempt to carry it on here.

I've fallen behind (as might be expected) with the TED Tuesday posts. Isn't it crazy how HARD it is to just set aside 1 hour of a week to NOT check email, reply to tweets and dash our client documentation. Anyhow... back in the saddle.

This is a truly "wow" TED talk. It deals mainly with an MIT Professor who recorded 3 years of his family and first child's life - and then analysed the data. Asides from some profound and fascinating insights into how language is learned - there is a much bigger question that the video posits. What happens when everything is recorded and analysed? What might we find out about ourselves and the human race in general? Because we're not far away from this being possible. We already share a large portion of our lives on increasingly public social networks. Personal video streaming as a trend is catching on fast.

The power of data is underestimated and immense. And modern technological life is providing more and more data to be analysed.



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