TED Tuesdays: Bill Stone - Exploring caves, exploring space...

One of the most rewarding cultures (well, for me at the very least!) that I started at FNB was Tech Tuesdays. Every Tuesday, we'd force ourselves to give up 2 hours in the calendar to watch new TED videos and debate their relevance to the world of business. I miss that culture... and will attempt to carry it on here.

This week's TED Tuesday isn't as related to Internet technology, as it is to gadgets and exploration philosophy. I'd be remiss if I drew to many parallels to the Internet here - and that is one of the great things about TED, forcing you out of your bubble.

Bill Stone talks about exploring and the gadgets required to do it. From the deepest caves into his space exploration dream. He makes a bold statement that he plans to lead a mission (now in 4 years time or so) to build the first gas station on the moon. I've emailed him to see how that's going. Lofty and noble goals should be supported!

If there's any parallel into business and the Internet, it's the exploration philosophy. We're in a period of human history at the moment where we seem to be creating as fast as we explore. The Internet especially doesn't sit still and allow considered scientific exploration. That might sound normal to you - but it's the reason business battles to keep up, and sometimes wonders if it should.

Understanding and appreciating rate of change is a big thing.

Enjoy the vid!


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