TED Tuesdays: Noreena Hertz - The Dangers of Expertise

One of the most rewarding cultures (well, for me at the very least!) that I started at FNB was Tech Tuesdays. Every Tuesday, we'd force ourselves to give up 2 hours in the calendar to watch new TED videos and debate their relevance to the world of business. I miss that culture... and will attempt to carry it on here.

The dangers of expertise, of trusting individuals without querying is quite topical. Not only due to the recent launch of Real Time Wine, where many experts have had an immediate, albeit good-natured stab at the credibility of normal people doing wine reviews - but also due to the continual explosion of citizen journalism. We're seeing ordinary citizens being the carriers and spreaders of news, more than every before. Just take a look at recent events in Egypt, Iran, Libya and other political hot beds...

This TED talk looks at the dangers of experts and implores us to go out and challenge everything. Don't be too quick to retweet. Don't always trust the person who sounds like he/she know what they're talking about. It's a valiant challenge - one which is all too easy to ignore in the fast-paced, no-time world that we live in. It's much easier to just "repeat" what we see, that actually think it through.

It gave me pause. Hope you enjoy it!


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