The new web. Figuring it all out...

It's the question on everyone's lips these days, as the social web becomes a part of our daily lives, and through it's mechanics we become exposed to more and more rubbish content. I foresee something akin to Faith Popcorn's "Cocooning" trend happening all over again, just in a digital manner. Given too much choice, consumers tend to shut down and rely on tried and trusted channels and gatekeepers.

But then I turn my mind to two of my favourite metaphors.

The first, from Max Kaizen (Hunter of Genius). Not sure if this is original or creative-commons, Max will surely tell you: Culture precedes Commerce. There's a reason we haven't quite figured this new space out - we're waiting for culture to catch up. We're waiting for it to "embed", to use a horrid consulting term. Commerce will come.

(Update: From the comments, Max tells me the original quote came from Kevin Kelly and reads "Community precedes Commerce" - which makes a lot of sense. With the springboard nature of the web, it allows us to create an even better version: Culture precedes Community. Community precedes Commerce.)

The second, almost more important is a little gem from Clay Shirky. It gives me hope that even though it seems like the whole world is bashing down our doors with their self-promotion, the web, startups, business people will eventually innovate around the noise. Stick this one on your wall: "It's not information overload. It's filter failure."


  1. Thanks for the nod Andy. It's one of those old maxims from economics that no-one really knows from whose brain it originally crystallised.
    It's remixed by the much beloved Kevin Kelly into "community precedes commerce" for the Web.
    It works for me and it's a good analogy of nature's OS. It finances the experiments that work for the species after the freaky kinks have been allowed to run wild.

    PS. Excellent seeing you rocking that slightly stern room on Friday Andy.

  2. @Max Ah yes, Mons Kelly - I must check out that Ted talk.

    Perhaps we can riff off our own version if it wasn't 100% accurate. I do like: culture precedes community precedes commerce.

    All necessary ingredients

    (And thanks - good finally seeing you speak live, my first time)


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