Kids in the 2020s [PRESENTATION]

Here's the latest talk I put together, recently tried out on some willing victims at Quirk Joburg's Education Fridays. It's obviously inspired by the birth of the little sproglet - but there are some strong, sometimes dark themes that these little ones are going to force us to look at. Taking a peak at the future of digital culture through the eyes of those who are going to live it, can only make for some entertaining thinking.

This is probably the first presentation where I've focussed more on where this is all going as opposed to what we (business and consumers) currently have to deal with. Here are the 7 main strategic themes and issues that get discussed:

  • Kids in the 2020s will live in an open, published world... whether they like it or not.
  • Kids in the 2020s will have a high degree of contactability.
  • Kids in the 2020s won't need to know a lot.
  • Kids in the 2020s will feel the implications of privacy.
  • Kids in the 2020s will play games. All the time.
  • Kids in the 2020s will rely almost entirely on gatekeepers.
  • Kids in the 2020s will experience individuality like no-one else.

As with most presentations these days, there's an element of crowdsourcing for certain elusive facts or theme ideas. I'd like to thank all those people here as well:

@pevideoguy, @MikeTaberner, @singe, @stanlouw, @geniusboywonder, @Craigrodney, @idale, @Louis_JvR, @hiltontarrant, @TimmyPrice, @patrickkayton, @StevenBosch, @adriandenoon, @mozami, @RianVDM, @EvanDigital, @GarronStevenson, @ShaunKrog, @antonyadelaar, @shaunoakes, @juliawillcox, @Cynicalgrinch, @wesleylynch, Brandon Tancott, Sam Lourenco, Frank Deroche


  1. Love this Andy, absolutely brilliant.

  2. Thanks for the thanks. :)
    Great presentation


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