Everyone is fighting for your digital attention...

Saw an interesting set of graphics while browsing a presentation from the Fallon Group on digital strategy. It's quite a powerful piece of Powerpoint slide design, simply grouping a collection of digital call to actions together across web, mobile and social platforms. These are the bright lights vying for your attention.

I for one am feeling a little drowned - which brings us all the way back to social recommendation. Isn't it funny... In the middle ages, if you wanted to know where the best wild boar roast was going down, you'd ask a fellow peasant. In 2010, we're being so crowded out by marketing messages that we resort to the same behaviour. We just have more "friends" than before.

Fascinating stuff. Make sure you click through to the presentation, but here are the graphics in question:

We want YOU: The World of Web

We want YOU: The World of Mobile

We want YOU: The World of Social

Where will you click?


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