Steri Stumpie hops on the engagement bandwagon...

I'm not sure how to feel about brands jumping into the social space and actively seeking out customer conversations. There's so much good that can come from it, so much a company can learn from its customers, so much fun that can be had... But the realist in me knows that the sooner we learn to measure all this "good stuff" and link it back to practical business benefit, the better. Because some mid level Exec in Company X isn't going to look at "fun", he's going to see spend and cut it.

My other caveat, is that diving into conversations based on keyword scanning can appear amazing insightful or amazingly intrusive and brands need to get their kicks now, because when there are 100 fun brands in South Africa doing keyword scanning and diving into conversations on 100 broad product lines. Well, either they're going to run out of product or people like me are going to get swamped in free stuff.

That aside (I like to tone any social media commentary with some anti-hype), let's talk about some fun that a particular brand, Steri Stumpie, had with me. So much fun that I decided to write it up, create some content and generally give them a fat punt.

During a 5am stint with 2.5 month old Jack Hadfield, I had a moment of inspired creativity and wrote a little milk ditty. It went something like this:

Yummy yummy yummy 
I got milk in my tummy
And I feel like lovin' you
Milk is such a good thing
Formula or real thing
That's what milk can do!

It was 5am, ok?

Steri Stumpie were obviously keyword scanning and hit me back on twitter with some shallow but amusing commentary about milk, eventually offering to send me some so I didn't drown in formula. The email I got was half the reason I had so much fun this this little Twitter engagement:

Hi there Andy!

Stump Towers has received word that you are running low on you daily calcium intake and desperately crave some Steri lovin’. We know that life without Steri stumpie is an absolute bore-fest and cravings for the stump can lead to life threading situations. It is therefore my freakin awesome pleasure to inform you that you cry for help has been heard!!

I would like to send my flying hoola monkeys to drop off a supply of milky goodness ASAP! But without your physical address and contact number the dudes are flying blind...Please can you help them find their way by sending me your deeds and I will steer them on the right track!

The sooner you send’em the sooner you will get to experience the warm and fuzzies and loads of Steri Stumpie’s

Peace Out!

Ms A, Vice president of the Steri Stumpie phenomenon
Each subsequent communication had the same kind of zaniness, even wishing my family good times for the new Stumpie. OK, so it's mindless. But it stood out, it made me smile and I just had a whole lotta fun with it.

Today, the promotional six pack of Steri Stumpie arrived, so in honour of having fun with your customers, I've created the following product endorsement for the team at Atmosphere Communications and Steri Stumpie. Well done chaps on having some fun!

Jack says: Drink Steri Stumpie! Tastes better than formula.


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