Restaurants, push notifications and Foursquare

Had a slightly odd experience the other day. Woke up at baby time (5:45am) and saw a push notification come through on Foursquare from a coffee shop / deli across the road next to Montecasino (Deli Su Casa). It said "We're open!". Ordinarily, that's where I hop across to the profile and turn PINGS OFF!

But this one got me thinking.

Let's pretend Deli Su Casa was my local joint (hell, I live within spitting distance). I wouldn't actually mind that little push notification. It felt kinda personal.

Let's riff off the idea for a moment. Imagine other messages:

Morning Deli Su Casa patrons, first cup on us for the first 5 check ins.
Hello! Sleep well? Donuts fresh out the over, R10 for the Foursquare community.
Morning! All hail our current mayor, Mayor X. Got a breakfast special today for the family, R35 pp

I'd leave those push notifications (Foursquare calls them "pings") on.

It got a bit weird later when "my" coffee shop checked into Video Town. But hey, we're all learning here... Small businesses and niche localised communities have a lot of scope these days to use the web to add that little dash of personal touch.

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  1. We try to use all the different forms of social media to entice customers to visit our stores. FourSquare is by far the most effective, versatile, and fun to use.

  2. Are you the owner Nick?


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