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Restaurants, push notifications and Foursquare

Had a slightly odd experience the other day. Woke up at baby time (5:45am) and saw a push notification come through on Foursquare from a coffee shop / deli across the road next to Montecasino (Deli Su Casa). It said "We're open!". Ordinarily, that's where I hop across to the profile and turn PINGS OFF!

But this one got me thinking.

Let's pretend Deli Su Casa was my local joint (hell, I live within spitting distance). I wouldn't actually mind that little push notification. It felt kinda personal.

Let's riff off the idea for a moment. Imagine other messages:

Morning Deli Su Casa patrons, first cup on us for the first 5 check ins.
Hello! Sleep well? Donuts fresh out the over, R10 for the Foursquare community.
Morning! All hail our current mayor, Mayor X. Got a breakfast special today for the family, R35 pp

I'd leave those push notifications (Foursquare calls them "pings") on.

It got a bit weird later when "my" coffee shop checked into Video Town. But hey, we're all learning here... Small businesses and niche localised communities have a lot of scope these days to use the web to add that little dash of personal touch.

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