Google Adwords. MTN vs Vodacom and the rules...

Mmmm. Now I know that Google Adwords recently changed their rules to allow keyword bidding on competitor brands. Turning the big money dial in the cloud up a notch I reckon... But here's an ad I spotted while browsing around the web. It was on a 3rd party site, so through Google's Display Network.

Now that kind of behaviour results in these kind of ads. And I'm not sure this is at all good for the industry. MTN data bundles is the proposition, is the call to action site. With Vodacom bidding on a competitor brand name, they didn't even have the respect to get the capitalisation right.

Any Adwords guru's want to comment on this?


  1. Vodacom should not be able to do this. Even though we are allowed to bid on each other's trademarks as keywords, we are not allowed to use it as part of the ad text itself. However, MTN should contact Vodacom Legal or ask Google to register the trademark.

    Anyway, Vodacom being pretty stupid here. Gives the impression of a phising site and also will damage their online reputation and keyword quality score. Whichever agency they are using should be fired.


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