FutureWorld go freemium...

Update -- FutureWorld seem to be having some problems. Don't let that dissuade you. Bugs are bastards. Content is king at the end of the day.

For any self-professed or budding strategic thinkers out there, there's a big piece of news you may have missed.

Heard of FutureWorld? They're a collection of "futurists" (probably don't like to be called that, so go with "clever thinkers"). The whole thing started many years ago off the back of Wolfgang Grulke's book "10 Lessons from the Future" (which makes a hell of a corporate presentation, chat to me). The group does a bunch of premium corporate consulting, but more importantly, publishes a fascinating series of news articles, written from the future. These articles, aptly named MindBullets have now gone open (think of the keynotes and consulting as the "mium" part of the "free"), complete with discussion forums and all the source data behind the thinking.

It's a powerful tool, and fascinating reading - toolkit of any thinker. Check it out... Here's the launch email:

Today we launch our new, enhanced community platform at www.FutureWorld.org with FuturesForum to enable everyone in the global FutureWorld community to engage, discuss and share their thoughts on the future, and also on the future implications of current news events.

Now, you can have your say and contribute your own, original thoughts - and follow those of others. And of course, FuturesForum integrates with social networks, from Facebook to YouTube to Twitter.

We've argued for a long time that "free" is a critical business trend - and in keeping with this, we're also now giving everyone free and full access to our weekly MindBullets: News from the Future - including the extensive, searchable database of more than 350 published scenarios, many with complete in-depth background analysis and links.

All the existing FutureWorld features on our website - Guru profiles, descriptions of Themes and workshops, booking and contact details and client references - are still available. But now it's not just our website - it's yours too! So welcome to YOUR Future with FutureWorld.

All you need to do is register for access ONCE, it's free and you'll have access to all the new FutureWorld features.

Click here now to join the conversation. We look forward to seeing you in your FuturesForum.


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