Twitter Wine Reviews - June 2010

The Twitter Wine Review Social Experiment. I never understood wine reviews, the classy ones. Sure - 3 stars, 4 stars, but when they got to acidic bouquets and well textured noses. They lost me. Here's a social trend: man-in-the-street wine reviews, from someone who knows what he likes, probably knows what others would like, but refuses to hoighty toighty it up.


My Twitter Wine Review List for June 2010:

Apparently wines most likely to give you a headache are, in order: sake, merlot, cab sav, chardonnay, syrah and black muscat. Last 2 are?

2006 Du Toitskloof Cellar Shiraz. Platters says: polished leather. I say the brass stud of polished leather. Mmm brass. 6/10. (FOLLOW UP: Ooh. Interesting. I'd rated that wine before. As a 3. It must have been the 45 minute air-ation I gave it. Must have been.)

2006 Blaauklippen Shiraz. Very different for a Shiraz. Blackcurrant. Pretty smooth. Worth another try. 6/10.

2008 Woolworths House Red. Hmrph. Only good after 4 beers. 4/10.

2007 Glen Carlou Tortoise Hill Red. Tastes like turps. A particulary young vintage. The turps that is. 1/10.

2008 Villiera Merlot. Not too gutsy but nice enough for jazz. Thick wif plumb. 7/10.

2007 Vergelegen Cabernet Sauvignon Merlot. Light easy drinking. Plum. Litchi. Totally unncomplicated. Like the alphabet. 7/10.

2009 Kleine Zalze Chenin Blanc. Pear on the sniff. Sultry on the tongue. Like an exotic foreigner. Nca! 8/10.

2006 Flagstone Strata Reserve. Cream soda on the sniff. Good creamy berry pie taste. Really nice! 7/10.

2008 Laborie Merlot Cabernet Sauvignon. It's like some strong forest berries have been left in a cellar. For a while. 5/10.


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