Twitter Wine Reviews - August 2010

The Twitter Wine Review Social Experiment. I never understood wine reviews, the classy ones. Sure - 3 stars, 4 stars, but when they got to acidic bouquets and well textured noses. They lost me. Here's a social trend: man-in-the-street wine reviews, from someone who knows what he likes, probably knows what others would like, but refuses to hoighty toighty it up.


My Twitter Wine Review List for August 2010:

2008 Amy Biehl Sauvignon Blanc. Like Amy, this one was plucked too young. Grapetiser without the bubbles. 4/10.

2007 Arabella Cabernet Sauvignon. Bit of brass and biltong on the sniff. Very full flavoured. Shuper! 7/10.

2008 Diemersdal Merlot. Ripe and juicy. It's a smooth, silky kind of love I have for this wine. Oh. Oh. 8/10.

2009 Catherine Marshall Sauvignon Blanc. Frightfully fruity. I may drop more rhymes after another glass. 7/10.

What causes a cork to look like this? It's insides pulled up through the middle. 2006. So sad.

2007 Glen Carlou Tortoise Hill Red. Neah. 4/10.

2006 Klein Steenberg Cabernet Sauvignon Merlot Cabernet Franc. With all those grapes there's just enough room for some berr... 5/10.

2009 DeWaal Young Vines Merlot. On the sniff: old leather couch. Comforting, like GrandPa. 7/10.

2009 Barista Pinotage. Pinocchio wine. Intense chocolate coffee sniff. Slow left arm delivery. But still wow. 8/10. (NOTE: Ok, so this review was after a "big daddy" at Hooters and a glass of the first bottle. It's actually a stunning wine - what I was trying to get at was intense coffee aroma that didn't quite follow through to the taste, but was so exotic, it got me all excited anyway!)

2008 Noble Savage Cabernet Sauvignon Merlot. Sexy mischief? Like, I know I'm going to get a headache, but I'll enjoy getting it! 6/10.

2009 Boschendal The Pavillion Pavillion Blanc. Refreshing and smells like the hay bales from Uncle Willy's Xmas Party! 6/10.

2008 Rosendal Shining Hour Chenin Blanc Chardonnay. Too much Chardonnay for me. Farm stall odor. Others will like though. 5/10.


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