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The end of an FNB chapter, beginning of a new one...

Time has come to move on from FNB. Without getting overly schmaltzy, as usual, it's been a helluva time and something I wouldn't have traded for the world. As crazy as it might sound, I would recommend everyone spends a couple of years in a corporate. A big, heaving, machine of a company - and an innovative one if you're lucky.

I was lucky. No-one understood when I used to say FNB had an entrepreneurial environment (intrapreneurial?) - but look past the standard corporate politics existing in every company, and there really is an underlying drive to think different and innovate in what's perceived as a fairly stagnant sector.

The projects I was lucky enough to work on were edge-of-the-seat stuff, most of which I've shared with you - by blog or by tweet. A first Facebook presence, crowdsourcing, content management, UX-centered design, sales systems - and a bunch I can't even talk about because you're yet to see them coming. Good times.

For the moment, it's time to concentrate on my digital strategy business, One Big Widget (look at me - I totally just SEO'd that phrase. Bleh!) There are a couple of great blue chips lined up to receive some Andy love - and a couple I'm working with already.

I must say, reaction from the industry players who knew about this a couple of weeks ago has been incredible - and motivating. There are even some serious chats opening up to work together with other digital entrepreneurs, all of which I'm taking extremely seriously.

And I won't lie, the chance to spend some more time with my son is more than tantalising. He's still a goddamn handsome devil. Although he is finding his lungs.

I'm excited. We are playing in the fastest moving, most innovative industry in the world. Go read the Cluetrain Manifesto (I sent out the 95 Theses in my last note to the digital community at FNB) and get re-excited.

In the immortal words of Robert Keip, the CEO who brought me into FNB: "See you in the cloud!"

PS I got schmaltzy. Deal with it. :)

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