Tech4Africa... and a son

So I attended just one talk from Tech4Africa. Graced Justin Spratt of IS with my presence before bolting out to the dreaded SMS: "my waters have broken!!!!!". No kidding, at least five exclamation points. Bummed to have missed Tech4Africa, but did swing by the next day to take part in the Social Media panel. Which went well, I think.

Panels are hard, they're definitely not the forum for case studies, which is what the audience seemed to crave. But it was an entertaining, far-from-mutual-backslapping romp around the real issues that the SM industry faces these days. Thanks to all involved for playing your part.

Here are the crowdsourced "best practices" we put together from panel and audience. It doesn't sound like rocket science, because it isn't. The industry just needs to realise the trickiest thing about social media is... you guessed it, the people. People have issues, emotions, baggage - and in the past, marketers just had to inspire / cut through the clutter / be meaningful. Now brands and marketers on their behalf are becoming part of our customer's daily conversation. That's both terrifying and exciting.

Glad to see we're not an industry that thinks we have all the answers.

Here are the notes, I particularly love the Gary Vaynerchuk quote in there. Does your company REALLY understanding loving their customers? Or the point I started to argue, are you part of a company that really doesn't have to?

Oh, and because I'm such a proud new Dad. Couldn't resist one of the little tiger. Thank you so much Jeneatte - can't way to see the other shots. Blog, meet Jack:


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