The upcoming baby...

Any good blog is a mix of expertise, opinion and a little bit of personal stuff. In about 4 weeks time, life as I know it will change forever. Or I'll totally just roll with the punches. That's my melodramatic way of announcing the upcoming sproglet. SA's legspin saviour. Our flyhalf solution once Steyn goes. And the next Bezos. Little critter has a lot to live up to.

Jeanette Verster has taken some great shots of the pre-pop stage. Click through for more.

Me and my beautiful wife:

Such awesome urban city slicker pics. Newtown is a kick ass photo venue - highly recommended.

Wish me luck!


  1. Wish you and her well, and much pleasure from the little one

  2. the pics are gorgeous.

    good luck for the new baby - is it the first?

    eish, i don't envy you all the sleepless nights and crying. seriously. good luck with that!

  3. @Nico - Thanks!

    @ExMi - hehe, sharp commenting (you did ask for it!). It is the first, and from what everyone tells me it's going to be a complete nightmare, I'll hate life and walk around like a zombi, lose my friends, my hair and my bank balance. Awesome.


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