Twitter visualisation as a social media training tool...

Driving social media adoption in business requires patience and an ability to explain hippy digital concepts in plain English. But mostly, it means making social tools and new media initiatives practical in the world of that business. It's the touch-and-feel that is so absent from our digital generation.

A great way to introduce business to the volume, real time nature and power of social conversation is by setting up a live Twitter stream in the office. Filter it by a couple of keywords to make sure it's relevant, and let it run. Being able to "see" something happen is a lot more powerful than being told it happens.

The guys at FNB Premier Banking took this one step further. Scrolling around their office? A Twitterfall implementation where the Big 4 Banks are even colour labelled appropriately. Nice stuff.

Twitterfall is an awesome tool, and you'll see it start popping up at conferences all over the place, embracing the "back channel" that everyone knows is going on anyway. Visit the site, punch in your keywords on the left, hit the "hide panels" button, go into full screen mode and sit back and watch the conversation...


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