Online Reputation Management - 10 considerations for business...

Here's a copy of my latest speaking gig, this time, a dual effort with friend and reputational nemesis Craig Rodney (Emerging Media). Had a bunch of fun preparing and presenting this at the Heavy Chefs session in Johannesburg last night.

ORM, or whatever the hell it means, is an extremely topical issue - with a lot of surrounding mystery. Enjoy the presso, get hold of me if you'd like to hear it live - and we've posted a quick summary below for reference.

The presentation covers 10 basic considerations for your Online Reputation strategy, and your Online Reputation Management strategy (chat to me if that sounds interesting). Here they are, along with a cracker quote from the brains at Emerging Media. Oh, and always remember - there's an easy way to succeed in the "social conversation space" - Don't be a wanker!

  • Always listen (an ORM system is a MUST, even if you don't respond)
  • Know what you have control over (the difference between your reputation and managing conversation)
  • Recognise your circles of influence
  • Your Google CV is as important
  • Don't always poke the bear!
  • Some brands just don't care
  • Sometimes bad PR is good PR
  • ORM Rand Value measurement is very subjective
  • Watch the trends over time
  • Build an Engagement Hub
And a great, balanced quote on ORM to end it off:

It’s perfectly valid for a business to state they don’t want to be involved in social media – and take steps to back that up. It’s not OK for a business to ignore social media and hope it will return the favour.

-- We don't know who, but they're clever


  1. Hi Andy thanx for the really useful info. Just wanted to bring your attention to point 7, I think you made a small typo. I think it should read "bad PR is sometimes good PR" instead of "good PR is sometimes bad PR".


  2. Hello Anonymous! Haha... ja, you're right. It actually works both ways, but the metaphor should be turned around. On it! I think there's a here/hear typo that needs fixing as well.


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