Twitter Wine Reviews - March 2010

The Twitter Wine Review Social Experiment. I never understood wine reviews, the classy ones. Sure - 3 stars, 4 stars, but when they got to acidic bouquets and well textured noses. They lost me. Here's a social trend: man-in-the-street wine reviews, from someone who knows what he likes, probably knows what others would like, but refuses to hoighty toighty it up.


My Twitter Wine Review List for March 2010:

2007 Jade Mountain Cabernet Sauvignon. Caught between remarkable and unremarkable. But as drinkable as a 2am hoddog. 6/10.

2006 Terrazas Malbec Reserve Blend. Fruity. Goes nicely with the 2kg of Texan beef and coronary. 6/10.


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