GoWalla and FourSquare content for the FIFA World Cup 2010

Of course, nothing smack like some good location-based fun than the World Cup - and GoWalla and FourSquare have come to the party with customised content, badges, pins and lists of cool spots in SA to check out.

First off, FourSquare has partnered with CNN to bring you 40+ cool spots to check out. Mostly in South Africa with a couple from the US thrown in for good measure. There are badges to get (only spotted a SuperFan one myself) so get going.

GoWalla's World Cup offering is a little easier to grasp. Their blog post covers how "The Beautiful Game" now interacts with their location based offering. There are custom pins for certain events, World Cup Badges, Stadium Badges and much more.

It's nice to see how the world's eyes really do turn on us during this time. We always knew it, but nice to see it in action.

(PS: There were 27 people checked in to Ellis Park for the Argentina vs Nigeria group stage game. Not big numbers by any stretch of the imagination. But hey, a couple more and we can get that SWARM badge going)


If you've been following any of my commentary on Twitter, you'll know how stoked I am to be part of this experience. This happens once in a lifetime, and we've already proven the doubters wrong. Vuvuzela or no vuvuzela. Jabulani ball at altitude or not... It doesn't matter. The spirit of this country is just amazing right now, and I'm privileged to be here.


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