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Using GoWalla to aggregate social event content

Went to the Nokia Accessories launch at the Radisson yesterday. Some interesting stuff. Some sexy stuff. Nothing strategically titillating but certainly money making. The event did give me a chance to play with GoWalla and their new "event" check in function, with matching event page on the web.

So here's the deal. You arrive at an event, open up GoWalla (FourSquare has similar functionality) and create a custom check-in spot in the EVENT category. Now, people can check in with you, leave comments and share photos.

Kind of like the Twitter "back channel" that exists at any tech related events these days? Except...
  • It's location dependent - you can only see it if you're there. 
  • It groups all the content together, to be analysed at a later stage (instead of wading through hashtags)
I did have some issues with leaving comments - it didn't seem to appear. But that easily could have been me leaving it in the wrong place!

Something for the PR's of the world to start thinking about? Check out the Nokia Accessories Launch Event Page here for an eg. of this tool.

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