Dear Dial Direct. You bunch of spammers.

Dear Dial Direct,

I moved my car insurance from Outsurance to you, because, well - you were very competitively priced. What I didn't expect was for you to give my details to ONE LIFE DIRECT (or 1 LIFE DIRECT) who subsequently...

a) SMS'ed me at 4am
b) called me to sell me stuff.

Toby, from the Hyde Park Call Centre to be exact.

Please provide me proof that I opted in. Because I distinctly remember opting out. And it might just be illegal for you to pass my details onto a 3rd party. Which would make you yet another example of South African companies failing to be transparent about opt in / opt out. In fact, I'd place you at the top of the pile - along with Elite Mobile - my favourites. They use random number dialing to harass people.

I know you only cold call and share details because it works. But that's like saying someone only mugs grannies because they know they'll get away with it.

I will be sending this post to every email address I can find on your website. And you may just lose my car insurance too.

Shame on you.

Warm regards,


  1. hollard is radical. look up cornerstone brokers. or gimme a shout.

  2. Will do... amazing how much feedback I've received to move away from the "direct" model. We'll see.

  3. Hi Andy.

    Move away from the "direct" model indeed. Nothing beats building a relationship with a real person. Outsurance, DialDirect et al cannot match that.

    (posting anonymous since I work at one of the companies you mailed. Just a note that the people that work there/here are top class folks, even though the corporate tree is rotting from the top down...)


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