The life and death of a blog - All Scubbed Up

It's with a bit of mopey-sadness that SA Doc (the anonymous thought leader on All Scrubbed Up) and I have decided to close the blog down. Site what you like... we're getting older. SA Doc ran out of inspiration. Goal posts moved. Too much other work.

It's always sad to close the door on a project.

All Scrubbed Up was an amazing experience. I'll never forget that first flood of traffic from the Using Ubuntu Linux to Solve Medical Problems post. The Digg'ing. The Reddit'ing. The finding out that Digg'ing and Reddit'ing yourself was not the done thing!

Blogging is addictive, and no matter how big you get, or small you stay - that first bit of interaction with a strange and foreign community is what gets most people hooked.

The stats:

  • Started August 2006
  • 228 posts
  • Income +- $400 total (yeah, don't think you'll get rich quick, even on niche content!)
Onto bigger and better things then?

Check out my latest project - Jou Meme (said in your best Western Cape accent). It's all that funny stuff that clutters up your email InBox. In one place. Like the LOLCats. Hate them as much as you like, I recently read an article that the Cheezburger network was a $6 million business.

Uh huh.

Thank you All Scrubbed Up, SA Doc, the readers, the incessant spam bots - it's been one helluva journey!


  1. "They" say you shouldn't get emotionally attached to projects, but somehow we always feel sad leaving them behind. Human weakness perhaps.

    Right you are, on to bigger and better things then! Enjoy, Andy.


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