SXSW Series #1: Can Andy survive on an iPhone?

And we're off. I'm sitting at OR Tambo airport, having a farewell Castle Draught before embarking on a mind numbing, Stillnox induced flight to Atlanta and then Austin. Bumped into Mike Stopforth. He was having lamb shank. Something I don't know?

So here's the deal for SXSW (follow the #sxswSA tag on Twitter). I'm going to do what everyone else does there. Absorb the future. The culture of the Internet as embraced by the US. What is happening in the big, wide world out there? How is it relevant to banking? How is it relevant to me?

I'll be live tweeting, live blogging and digitally doing everything I can to keep up. Follow most of the action here or on

And. I'll be doing this all on an iPhone. Just how good is this device? We'll see. Got my extra plug in battery. Hear me roar.

Catch you soon Austin!


  1. What the hell is with the para marks all over the place? Sigh.

  2. So blogger mucks up the email-to-post feature. Have fixed all the posts manually...


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