SXSW Series #2: Wifi on planes.

So I'm winging my way off to Austin, Texas for the SXSW Conference. I'm on the connection flight via Atlanta, blogging this while 30000 feet or more in the air. Yup. Go Go Wifi on Delta flights. I'll do a speed test ;)

(Update: Speed Test gave me over 100 kb / second - that's 3 TIMES bottom level South African ADSL speed. In a bloody plane.)

It's the first sign of a truly first world adoption of technology. Broad and pervasive accessibility (US's greatest strength which is also Africa's greatest challenge). Pretty much every mobile related advert or service has an iPhone on it. Even airport services, flight checks, check-in sites and queue checkers come firstly with a smartphone app, secondly with a call centre.

Entry into America was pretty uneventful. Airports are airports after all. Didn't see much of 'em as I was sprinting between flights. They really don't give you much time.

Uh. Turbulence. *fastens seatbelt*

I'm also now officially on the grid and in the great big US database in the sky. Finger printed and recorded for posterity. Made sure I ticked all marketing consent boxes as well. Obama is a delightful fellow after all.

Once I touch down, I've been instructed to check out the Texas House o Chilli by a friendly customs agent. I shall comply.


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