SXSW in 140 characters - Day 5 and 6

Awake. At the same time as the lads and lasses back home it seems. #sxswSA
Opinion piece: Chatting with @lynettekloppers about Banking 2.0.

I'm at Ze Frank Conversation: The Creative Lifestyle in Austin, TX

If you're interested in tech at all catch all the summaries, pics and opinion from SXSW here - keep scrolling!

From TrendHunter: Culture eats strategy for breakfast. <-- makes it tough. Culture is a fickle bitch.

TrendHunter was an excellent session - and part of a growing theme I'm noticing at SXSW. Culture is becoming a critical piece of the strategic mix. And that presents a challenge to us marketers and web product people. Culture is fickle. How do you put your finger on culture? How do you create one service that can speak to many cultures? Or is this more about creating a product that taps into culture, or even better, becomes a culture?

Distributed web technologies with Clay Shirky. Quality of speakers @ SXSW phenomenal. #sxswS — at Clay Shirky's Brain 

At the Adobe Day Stage watching 15 min pitches for a Miller Lite ad. This one - has ninjas. As ads do.

There's a lot of pitching going on at SXSW. From 2 minute pitches to 20 minute pitches - and I think this is a direct output of the entrepreneur culture that many US tech cities have managed to instill. There really is a belief here that you can create a product, raise VC and take on the world. It's a culture I think is sadly lacking in South Africa. Full support must go to those who are trying, Justin Spratt and his team at the IS LABS incubator and Eve D with the Crowd Funding intiatiave.

Valerie Casey Keynote. Some hard hitting concepts challenging our interpretation of design — at Valerie Casey Keynote

In case you missed it - @leolaporte crowdsurfing at the Diggnation party.

Leo Laporte crowd surfing while live streaming @ Diggnation from Jeremy Johnstone on Vimeo.

About to watch Gary Veynerchuk - love his arrogance - then Ev Williams, fouder of Twitter. Stoked — at ACC Ballroom D

RETWEETING @robgarciasj: The new "expert" is somebody with large network who can harness power of the crowd #sxswSA #SXSW <-- the new co. resouce! 

Gary Veynerchuk. Tech industry rock star vibe.

 Veynerchuk's view on web business -- Give a fuck. Say thank you.

The Internet = 15 year old kid that hasn't had sex yet. It's horny, totally open to new things & has a short attention span.

Good or bad speaker / interviewer... It's uncool to walk out. Show some respect to @ev.

There was a mass walkout at Twitter CEO's keynote interview. It was rude, but absolutely justified. The interviewer was useless and most audience members seemed to get little value out of the chat. All in all, keynotes at SXSW didnt' work very well. I think some thought needs to be given to the format. What you want from this tech celebrities is their STORY. Their hopes, dreams, advice, funny anecdotes etc. Not a print style interview.

I just signed a liability for nuclear tacos. #sxswSA

And that's how Day 6 ended. With a Nuclear Taco that was... uh... Nuclear. The waiver is a nice customer experience touch. Tomorrow will just be winding down, blogging and checking out some of the more intimate panels...


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