SXSW in 140 characters - Day 4

Just hooked @lynettekloppers up with a sexy Dell netbook. Jealous. 

Netbooks are pretty cool - and a global phenomenon that Windows 7 is aggresively and transparently going after. This one is a Dell Inspiron, dual core Atom processors and a 10.1" screen. 8 hours batter life. Nice sized keyboard. It's a little klunky, but also unfair to compare the performance of this machine to their big brothers and sisters. Netbooks = lightweight and useful travel companions

Pepsi using crowdsourcing to spend what looks like charity / corporate social investment fund. Nifty execution.

Pepsi are also streaming some great live stats of the conference. Zeitgeist style. Again nifty execution. 

I just unlocked the "Austin Explorer" badge on @foursquare!

While this must have been farily irritating to a bunch of my Twitter followers (I do apologise) - the virtual "incentive" programme that FourSquare and GoWalla have put in place to encourage you to explore the event is addictive and extremely well implemented. "Badges" you get awarded are essentially taking across from gaming (Achievements / Trophies etc). Amazing to how well gaming mechanics work in the real world.

At the Brian Solis book launch - Engage. The guide for business. Conversation, reputation, expectation.

Brian Solis sum up my work challenges really nicely: I was a champion. Now I'm championing change.

Watching Mark Cuban vs Boxee panel debate at SXSW. (@ SXSW / ACC - Ballroom D w/ 111 others)

Um. We are being evacuated due to an 'emergency'. This is the US. You never know..

Had to happen. Thankfully was nothing serious. My favourite quote of the incident  comes from DownTempo founder Andy Volk who said: if the billionaire's not moving. Neither am I. He has a lot more to lose!

Mark Cuban antics causing fan boy geekasms at #battleforyourtv #sxswSA (via @dancho44 )

Cuban is a fascinating chap. Bit of a cock. But a wealthy cock with a firm grasp on where the money goes. (Gaby Rosario woulld love those last couple of sentences for her provocative headings!)

If had to back someone, sorry to say it would be Cuban. Internet game changing but often lacks solid revenue model. #sxswSA #Battleforyourtv

In relation to Cuban Vs Ronen debate on the future of tv. Live streaming cricket on YouTube... 

I'm also blogging on Mail and Guardian's Tech Leader. Dominating the front page a little. 

Crowdfunding talk about to start, with @EveD, @hfordsa, @justinspratt, @brettski and @oneafrikan on the panel. #crowdfunding

South African panel representing at #SXSWi in Austin. Talking about funding gap for startups in SA. #sxswSA   

RETWEETING -- @SocMedFilmMaker: Audience pays ticket before you start writing ur #indiefilm. It's happening already = #crowdfunding 

 SA Panel at #SXSW - @robstokes stomache made it all the way to Texas. #sxswSA


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