SXSW in 140 characters - Day 1

This is a summary of my SXSW experience in 140 character bites with pictures...

Oh baby... off to airport for the SXSW Texas trip! Going to check out FNB Premier Banking SLOW lounge while I'm at it.

Aw. FNB Premier Banking SLOW lounge only in domestic. Bounced because I'm not a 'private client'. What can ya do! Mental note: chat to them

I was extremely impressed to be contacted by RMB after this, inviting me to apply. OK, they're all part of First Rand - but it's still a great example of social scanning and quick, reactive response.

Andy, Austin and an iPhone

Let's go live. I'll be blogging #SxSW at -- Also, follow @sxswsa

This tweet from Ivo Vegter kicked off his live (and proper) journalistic coverage of the South African delegation and their experiences at SXSW. Check out his site, it's well worth it.

Tweeting at 30,000 feet. Somewhere over Texas. Surreal.

My first blog post at 30000 feet -

Twitter as it was always intended. In the cloud. Haha. I'm so funny.


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