Social media results appearing front page of Google search results...

Huh. This is an interesting twist. Popped up a couple of days ago on a test search.

If you ogle down towards the bottom of the image, you'll see Twitter results from "3 minutes" ago appearing, page 1 of Google Search results.

My thoughts:

  • Very cool. Wow. That's quick indexing.
  • It's a vote of confidence in the industry's trust of "what's happening now" being as relevant as information on a site.
  • Oh dear, if they go ahead, they'll destroy Google Search. Twitter is SO FULL OF BOLLOCKS. Can't imagine how they could find a way to sort the 140 character gems from the bollocks.
We'll see

(UPDATE: Seems like this only works on Chrome. Perhaps they're testing, but it's not widely available)


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