Jou Meme! Funny Kak for South Africans...

Little side project that came to me like a cheap shot of cheaper brandy while reading a Wired Magazine. Did you know the Cheezburger Network? Yes, the SEO-centric site from the brain that brought us LOLCats... is worth around $6 million per year!

That's utter madness.

That got me thinking. What do I hate most in the world? Email spam. What do I hate almost as much as email spam? Those crappy chain mails and photo jokes that people send around. Yet... my wife always bitches at me that I missed "the funniest" thing "the other day".

Well no more. Introducing Jou Meme! Collecting all that funny crap in one place for your enjoyment.

I'm particularly fond on the initial strap line - Funny Kak for South Africans. Har. Har.

So I whipped this up using Tumblr, which is a remarkably sexy blogging platform. It doesn't have a flashy header, 3 column wonky layouts or any of that other fancy design stuff - but if I've learnt anything over my time on the Internet, it's that content will always be king. Show me what I want to see. That's it.

Now. I need to figure out how to monetise a Tumblr blog. Inserting Adwords on this puppy might require a little CSS hacking that is just beyond me.

Anyhoo - check out the site. Give us a tweet or a blog link to get those lovely Google rankings going. Thank ya!


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