SXSW Series #4: GoWalla and the Sweet Leaf Tea (pic)

Here's a quick pic of April (Sweet Leaf Tea social media / communications manager) and I with the product. Acquired virtually. Fulfilled in the big bad real world.


  1. Thanks for the blog post! We're stoked that you came by our office to redeem your can of Citrus Green Tea. Here's hoping that you get to drink more Sweet Leaf Tea before leaving for Mexico and returning home!

    April Riggs

  2. Glad to hear an SA boy is having fun at SXSW! My hubby's 'n boer en ek het daarso gebly...will add you to my reader and look forward to your conference updates!

  3. @Sweet Leaf - thanks april - was good fun!

    @Pot Luck Mama - cool name. hubby support the bulls eh?


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