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So I've been playing around recently with a couple of business ideas around wine and the Internet. Due diligence (read lazy browsing over a Merlot) dictates some research. So here are some of the gem's I've found for your pleasure.

Mr Wine on the web has to be Gary Veynerchuk of Wine Library TV. His New Yorker personality and penchant for cheap wines that taste great (bring thunder to your life to quote a phrase) has done wonders for accessibility. It's kinda like my Twitter reviews. 140 characters of man-on-the-street don't-have-no-fancy-palette stuff. Except he's more famous.

His stint on Ellen was great - licking rocks and eating dirt is a... humorous... take on palette training.

There are also a couple of active wine communities out there.

CrushPad allows you to gather together and make your own custom wine. Veynerchuk used this to create the world's first community wine.

Snooth is a wine search engine, community and collection of wine widgets for rating and cataloguing your very own wine library. The widget looks particularly interesting, but I assume we'll be forced to view prices in dollars. Gap here for a South African wine widget linking to local cellars in multiple currencies? We certainly have the export volume.

BottleNotes is another online community with a bunch of tools, social functions and a big affiliate model in the backend.

And then of course, you heard that Twitter is launching a wine? Yeah. That's where the $120 million in VC is going!

So that's just a start... further proof that the Internet is great for allowing niche community interests to rise to the fore.


  1. No mention of ?

  2. Gary. You are correct.

    **takes rap on knuckles**

    I think actually what this deserves is a local post pulling all of them together.

    Got any others for me?


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