Don't Be A Passenger! An electric car and a South African movement...

This is a little uncanny, as I just popped out mails to a group I was working with recently on how to start a movement. How to change a culture, make a difference, mobilise a generation.

And then these guys come out. Well, good on 'em!

Our conversations all hinged around this video. A JWT campaign to "light a fire" under the Indian people. It became wildly successful and even ended up in a reality show (yeah, go figure). It's powerful stuff. Take the time to watch it.

So, Elize from (the agency behind Don't Be A Passenger I presume) got hold of me a couple of hours ago to chat about the campaign. While this site / campaign / movement / call it what you will - seems to be leveraged off an electric car project, it's got all the trappings of ideas that us (and probably many other South Africans) have been playing around with for a while.

The premise is simple, as these things usually are... Take a tiny bit of time to make a difference.

The video is great, well produced and has the right dose of ra-ra patriotism. But you know what I like most about ANYONE that starts a movement (for commercial gain or not)... The fact that they did it. They didn't talk, they designed. They published. They posted.

For me, that's everything. Best of luck to them and I'll help wherever I can.


  1. Brilliant! Makes me proud to be South Africa!


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