BUSH HID THE FACTS... and other weird Windows things.

Weird. I refuse to repeat the chain email, because, well, it's a chain email. And don't even ask what made me read it. But these two things were rather odd.

1. You can't create a folder on a Windows machine with the name "CON". Code issue?

2. Open Notepad. Type "Bush hid the facts" without the quote marks. Save the file as anything. Close Notepad. Re-open.


(Hat tip to Sam Mendes from filling my mailbox with this crap!)


  1. The reason you can't create a file called "con" is that it is short hand for "console". It is the standard input, coming from the old DOS days.

    Open up a DOS prompt (or command window) and type the following:
    copy con: hello.txt
    This is my text file
    (The list line means press Control Z)
    You should now have a new file called hello.txt and it should contain one line that says "This is my text file"

    So the command basically copies everything from the CONsole (text input) to a file called hello.txt

  2. Oh, and the other one is a bug in the way Windows handles Unicode streams:



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