Twitter Wine Reviews - December 2009

Another little social experiment. Jot down every bottle of wine I taste with a short comment and rating. The theory is, search my Twitter archives by wine brand for a quick lookup history of what I like and don't like. Theoretically. Of course, I'm also hoping this becomes a little social trend. Doesn't everybody?


My Wine Review List for December 2009:

2007 Mont Rochelle Reserve Sauvignon Blanc. Apples and grass. Quite soft on the tongue. Favourable! 7/10 #Wine

1996 Meerlust Rubicon. So much of plum - just a downright great wine. 8/10. #Wine

Allesverloren Cabernet Sauvignon. A bit mysterious for the unrefined palette but excellent nonetheless. 7/10. #Wine

Kanonkop Kadette 2008. Cherry chocolate. Bit warm in this heat wave but that's fixable. 7/10. #Wine

Usana Sauvignon Blanc 2008. Made by wine makers wives. Cool story. A bit juicy for my tastes though. 3/10. #Wine

2009 Graham Beck Waterside Unoaked Chardonnay. Light and fluffy like a good pancake. With grass. 8/10. #Wine

2008 Theuniskraal Semillon / Chardonnay. Peachy. Sweet. Still quite nice though... 7/10. #Wine


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