Twitter Wine Review - October 2009

Another little social experiment. Jot down every bottle of wine I taste with a short comment and rating. The theory is, search my Twitter archives by wine brand for a quick lookup history of what I like and don't like. Theoretically. Of course, I'm also hoping this becomes a little social trend. Doesn't everybody?


My Wine Review List:

Moreson Pinotage 2008. Berries. Lots of them, underlying a spicy Italian flavour. I like! 7/10. #wine

Fleur du Cap Sauvignon Blanc 2008. My fruity week night favourite. 7/10. #wine

Backsberg Chardonnay 2007. Most take like cat piss. This one doesn't. Props. 6/10. #wine


  1. Glad you like the Chard and that we made it through the cat piss test or at least lack thereof. SB

  2. Haha... Mr Back, I'm honoured.

    This reviewer is a little biased towards Chardonnay - but I really was pleasantly surprised by yours. It was rather pleasent, extra chilled...

    I guess I'm just going for the man-in-the-street reviews, that ain't always going to be pretty :)


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