The TWiT Army makes it onto Google Live Search Results...

This almost snuck by me. It's one helluva vote of confidence in Leo Laporte's podcast and video network, TWiT.

Extract from Google's monthly "Google Friends" newsletter:

Real-time search results: Now you can access comprehensive real-time search results from blogs, social networks, news and the web. When relevant real-time information is available, a new universal search feature will appear with a live stream of the freshest web content. Clicking on the "Latest Results" link will take you to a filtered full page of results. You can also filter to see only short-form "Updates" from Twitter, FriendFeed,, Jaiku and TWiT Army. We also announced new agreements with Facebook and MySpace, and are working to incorporate public content from those services in the feature.

The TWiT Army, as I understand it, is a community that has built itself around the content and personalities that appear with Laporte. For their comments and micro blogging submissions to be included by Google in this pilot is a real testament to the power of Laporte's offering.

I'm a huge fan - This Week in Technology is my weekly dose of forward thinking tech news and trends. Check it out if you haven't already...


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